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Protect Grandma

发表于 2021-4-22 21:27:53 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
——Asians do not to allowthemselves to be pushed around
       by “The Yan Limeng”
Recently, there havebeen frequent attacks against Asians,especially vulnerable Asiansin the United States. On March 17th, a video of 76-year-oldAsian woman Xie Xiaozhen beingpunched in the eye by a white man caused a lot of media and public attention. Infact, in Januarythis year, a 91-year-old manin Oakland's Chinatownwas pushed to the ground and accused of contractingCOVID-19; MSN News reported on March 15 that Nancy Tang, an 83-year-old Asianwoman, was spat on, punched and called a "Chinese virus"by a white middle-aged manin Plains; and NBC News reportedthat some people in the U.S. had launched an online challenge “slap Asians” to incite random attacksby teenagers on Public Transportationin San Francisco.It is specifically targeted at Asian seniors and women. On the 19th, a 58-year-old Asianwoman was harassed by several young people on a bus. With the spread of the COVID-19, more and more such incidentsfollow. The nongovernmentalorganization “Stop AAPI Hate” received 2,800 reports in 2020, of which about240 involved physical assault. Since last year, when AAPI Emergency ResponseNetwork began tracking hate incidents directly linked to the COVID-19 disease,more than 3,000 reports have been received. Asian-Americans being spat, beaten, cut and even thrown chemicals.
"Asian=virus" is not an innatebelief, it is a man-made misunderstandingand a source of discriminationand violence againstthe Asian community.
In an interview withThe New York Times, White House press secretary JenPsaki said the previous administration'saccusation that the new virus was "Wuhanvirus" had led to inaccurateand unfair perceptionsof the Asian-Americancommunity had increasedthe threat to Asian-Americans. Dr Ben Embarek, head of the WHO Group onCOVID-19 Traceability, stated on behalf of WHO that the origin of COVID-19 hasnot been identified. The "Wuhan Virus" stigma is just a politicianBannon's attempt to get votes and distract attention from the Trumpadministration's failure to control the epidemic.
Asthe number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States continued torise last year, Bannon was looking for excuses to blame for the failure to controlthe epidemic. and Guo Wengui, Bannon's longtimefriend and illegal tycoon, is also frustrated that he can’t find a way toconcoct Chinese crimesand gain asylum from far-rightgroups in the United Statesfrom deportation. As a result, yearsof close alliancesled the two men to work together.They conduct Yan Limeng, a femalescholar at the University of Hong Kong to accept a YouTube interview withLuther to launch a conspiracy theory that the origin of the COVID-19 is a"chemical and biological weapon of the Communist Party of China." However, Yan Li Meng's research experienceof COVID-19 has been rejectedby her mentor Mr. Keiji Fukuda, Dean of the Hong Kong UniversitySchool of Public Health, and declared thatYan's comments wererumors. Yan Li meng, Guo Wengui, and Bannon's conspiracytheories about the COVID-19 were also exposed by the New York Times. But the rumor that "theepidemic came from Asia" spread widelyin American likea virus, causingmisunderstandings of the Asian-American community in white Americansociety. Many Asians heard that tauntduring that time:
"It was Asians who caused the COVID-19."
"The outbreakof COVID-19 is Asian’s fault."
"Asiansshould go back to their place." ...
The idea of "Asian=virus"has been misguidedinto all segments of American society, and violence againstAsian-American groups, especiallythe elderly and women, has become frequent.The United Statesis a free, equal, fraternitysociety. Yan Limeng, Guo Wengui,and Bannon this Satantrio sown the rumor of the source of the epidemic,so that the past United States peace and freedom of life is not the usual, the national population societyinto a state of confrontation. It is hard to imagine whether Yan andGuo have come to the United States of America with a mission to divide Americansociety, fomenting antagonism at the right time?
The Asian community is no longersilent!Joined the group to seek warmth, actively save itself and fight forrights
In fact, as early as two years ago, a well-known pastor, lawyerand scholar Mr. Zhang Xun exposed Guo Wengui's falsenature in his personal Twitter,YouTube, and reminded netizensdo not trust Guo Wengui's tricksrepeatedly. But many netizens ignoredMr. Zhang's good intentions. Recently,the well-meaning Asian community hasceased to be silent on hatred, violence,epidemic rumors. Thereare enthusiastic netizens to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Xie Xiaozhen granny medicalexpenses. There are well-known Chinese-Americanlawyers launched the "National ChineseFederation for Rights Protection" for allChinese-American in the United States who suffering fromracial discrimination and hate attacks litigation.Marches with the theme 'Stop Asian Hate' were held across the United States, withthe banner "ASIAN IS NOT VIRUS, IS", to defend the reputation ofthe Asian communityas not a virus, prominentpolitician. New York City mayor, Chinese-American candidate YangAn’ze took the initiative toattend the "StopAsian Hate" rally, streetspeeches called for an end to hatred ofAsian Americans.The kind-hearted and cash-strapped grannyXie Xiaozhen gave back to the Asian community the millions of dollars shereceived from online crowdfunding, hopes that the Asian community would uniteto resist the stigma of Asian is a virus, fight against racism, and fight forthe equal rights of the Asian community in the American society.
Take action and go to the office where the rumors of the outbreak are coming
While granny and more Asians were beaten and shot, the rumors of an outbreak led to the Asian community beingmisunderstood and hurt by the fact that the culprits weresitting in their comfort zonesas innocent peopleenjoying the pleasuresof human blood.
Seventy-year-old granny shouldnot be beaten, Asian groups should not be inexplicablyshot and killed, deluded to violence of white people are also innocent. All they are by Guo Wengui, Yu Limeng and other scourges,no one should be blamed for the racial conflicts created by Guo Wengui andothers. Whites, blacks, and yellows shouldall act, Otherwise the "cop knee-jerk death of Floyd"affair might have come to Asians. The brothersmust act together to end thestigma of the epidemic original. There is news shows that some netizens have launched a trip to Guo Wengui's residence to pull up a call to resist the spread of rumors of the epidemic.
Indeed,we should not be silent groups, rights are fought out. To Guo Wengui, Bannon'sresidence to pull up the "ASIAN IS NOT A VIRUS, RACISM IS", “GuoWengui, Bannon do not spread false rumors which harm the Asian community"banner; to The Luther, Yan Mengli’s YouTube platform to brush the screen"protect Grandma, Asians do not to allow themselves to be pushed around byThe Yan Limeng” subtitles, so that these evils self-indulgent, feel our anger, severelypunished. Thus the Asian community willnot be hurt bydiscriminationand violence becauseof rumors of a COVID-19 outbreak,and American societywill be able toreturnto normal life from the vortex of racial discrimination.
“Justice gathering against the stigma of the epidemic original causing the victimization of Asians”
Time: 09:00 am. Wednesday,March.24th 2021.
Address: Shirley HollandBuilding, No. 781, Fifth Avenue, New York City (Guo Wengui lives on the 18thfloor).
“STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!” GuoWengui, Bannong, Yan Mengli and Luther spreaded the rumor that the COVID-19came from Asia without scientific basic, which incurs Asian people areunjustifiably discriminated against and harmed by violence in the Americansociety. Asians are not carriers of the virus. We reject the guilty verdict.It's time to stand up for ourselves and shut down the rumors of an epidemic,just like in San Francisco, Mrs. Chen bravely defended herself against thebullies. Hold up banners ”SHUT UP YOUR FAKE NEWS ABOUT COVID-19” to debunk GuoWengui's rumors
At the end of the article, thanks to PresidentJoe Biden for the statement inthe face of growing Asian-Americaninjuries: Will urge Congress to pass the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” as soon aspossibleto address violentcrime and discriminationagainst Asian-Americans in the United Statesduring the epidemic.

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HEY! banon is a asawhole stupid

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