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and if you don’t

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ssica said she hoped it would inspire other women to become consecrated virgins too Consecration: Bishop Rhoades was joined by priests and deacons from across the diocese to celebrate Jessica Hayes being consecrated as a virgin.Hayes (center) said she decided to become an consecrated virgin after years of prayer and soul-searching.with Bishop Rhoades to her right and the priests and deacons who celebrated the service Hayes's day job is as a theology teacher at a local high schoolLike most brides#0# Hayes spent a long time worrying about what dress to wear.Since she would have to lie prostrate on the church's floor at one point, she figured a long conservative dress would fit the bill.I’ve seen so many wedding dresses over the years that I think I’ve probably changed my mind very many times,' she told WANE.She chose a pair of nude heels to go with her dress, and wore her shoulder-length hair in loose curls.She is now one of only 3,500 consecrated virgins around the world and the first consecrated virgin at the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese in 25 years.During the service of consecration, the virgins must resolve to 'persevere to the end of their days in the holy state of virginity and in the service of God and his Church'.They must also accept 'solemn consecration as a bride of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God'.The service is not literally a marriage.However it uses some of the symbols of marriage, including a dress, a veil and a ring, to make the point that women who become consecrated virgins are pledging to spend their life in the service of God.Nuns in the past have also been through similar consecration services, wearing in some cases wedding dresses.And for some orders of nuns, members traditionally wear rings on their wedding fingers.The Duggar Family had a blast at Michael Bates wedding over the weekend, and Jana Duggar looked amazing in her bridesmaids dress.Unfortunately, Jim Bob Duggar had to go and get all creepy by letting the Bates family know that the wedding made him think about sex.According to People, UPtv recently shared a few gorgeous photos from the weekend wedding of Bringing Up Bates stars Michaella Michael Bates and Brandon Keilen.Jana Duggar was one of Michael s bridesmaids, and she was the only member of the Duggar family who was asked to be a part of the wedding party.However, the rest of the Duggars were invited to attend the ceremony in Knoxville, Tennessee.Michael Bates told People that she wanted her wedding to have a rustic look, and her modest bridesmaids dresses definitely fit her theme.As you can see, 25-year-old Jana Duggar wore a pale pink lace gown that almost looked like an old-fashioned wedding dress.Jana Duggar is always a bridesmaid, never a bride (Image via UPtv)As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jana Duggar will likely appear in the upcoming Bringing Up Bates episode focusing on Michael s ceremony, and it s possible that a few of her famous family members will also pop up on the UPtv wedding special.The Duggars are definitely used to being in the spotlight, and Jim Bob Duggar s love of attention had the Bateses slightly worried they were allegedly concerned that Jim Bob would pull a stunt to steal the spotlight away from Michael on her big day.There s no word on whether the former 19 Kids and Counting star followed the UPtv cameras around like a lost puppy all day long, and so far there have been no reports that he did anything to embarrass Jana at the wedding.However, he couldn t resist saying something cringe-worthy in the congratulatory video that he and Michelle filmed for Michael and Brandon.Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared their video on the Duggar Family website.Now that the Duggars TLC reality series has been canceled, the family has been keeping their fans updated by filming their own short videos and posting them online.Unfortunately, Jim Bob Duggar is in dire need of a director as SheKnows points out, he missed the mark by making the video all about himself.Michelle Duggar did okay, but then Jim Bob had to start talking about how great his own marriage is.To make matters worse, he decided to instruct Michael and Brandon to have lots and lots of sex.However, he didn t actually use the s-word or his favorite euphemism for lovemaking, which is hey, hey hey (now you ll never look at Fat Albert the same way).Instead, Jim Bob opted to get Biblical by telling the newlyweds to be fruitful and multiply.As you can see, Jim Bob and Michelle filmed their video in front of the Bates family house with plenty of people milling around in the background.In the wake of the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal, perhaps they wanted to prove that they still have friends.The molestation scandal made the Duggar family so polarizing that their own TV series got canceled, so are you surprised that they were invited to a televised wedding?can be an emotional rollercoaster: financial stress, last-minute couple drama, cold feet, feuding bridal parties, the guest who had one-too-many cocktails.declared bankruptcy and closed up shop.McCaffrey Haute Couture s sudden closure left about 20 brides-to-be scrambling for dresses.a wedding dress, from the time of ordering from the manufacturer through to custom alterations and final delivery.Emily Hart Brown has become a pro when it comes to multi-tasking.Within a month’s time, she moved her business, Emily Hart Bridal, into a new location on Blue Valley Parkway and gave birth to her fourth child.Now her 1-month-old comes to work with Brown while her husband helps out with the other three children, ages 20 months, 3 and 5 years old.Brown’s store offers bridal attire including wedding dresses, gowns for the mothers of the bride and bridegroom, bridesmaid dresses and all of the accessories that go with them including hats, veils and jewelry.Q: What is different about your shop?You’re family and we care about you and helping you to find exactly what you want, and if you don’t, that’s OK.We don’t pressure you; it’s a.
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